4 Amazing Things for November

Number one is our food drive. We’ve already filled our donation box up twice, in the first week of our food drive, which is great! So please keep bringing in food and remember, when you bring in a canned or boxed food donations each day to a participating Red Dragon Karate studio, we’re also going to give you a bonus … Read More

The 20 Best Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween team

It’s that time of year again and we want all our friends and families to have a blast, enjoy the night and most important we want them to all come back SAFE! Over the years we have compiled our best and easiest safety tips for kids, parents and anyone in the community. At the bottom of this page is a link … Read More

The cure for BULLYING? You might be surprised

The cure for Bullying? Start with creating more AWARENESS and this will start to prevent more harm from being done. I’m sure almost everyone may have heard of the word Bullying, but I want to ask you a question.. Have you ever personally witnessed someone being bullied before?What, if anything, did you do/ say about it? There are many types of bullying and … Read More

The Top 10 Things Parents Need To Know About A Kids Martial Arts Program

This free resource has helped hundreds of parents, JUST LIKE YOU, discover issues with starting a Self Defense Program that they NEVER would have considered – issues to be Excited about, WARY about, and everything in between! Here is the list of the top 10 things all parents need to know about a martial arts school. 1) Safety The number … Read More

5 weird fitness hacks

5 weird fitness hacks to get fit fast  It sure would be great if any time spent working out delivered results, but the truth is that all workouts were not created equally. There are techniques for getting the most out of each exercise and by utilizing these techniques you’ll achieve quicker and more noticeable results. Check out the following 5 weird … Read More

Did Shakespeare Have a BLACK BELT?

More than 400 years ago Shakespeare wrote, “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” Today, when people are questioned about the traits they look for in others, honesty is still one of the top two traits listed, but finding honest role models can be difficult. Children aren’t the only ones who need positive role models either; adults also need mentors … Read More