An American Original
Since 1965!

You are just a few clicks away from becoming an OFFICIAL Red Dragon Karate martial artist! But, before we give you the link to get started, here's a little insider info on what you're getting with your 8 FREE CLASSES and what our introductory special looks like.

During your 8 free classes, we will give you three 30 minute one on one private lessons, conveniently scheduled private lessons that are designed to give you a complete understanding of what Red Dragon Karate is all about. 

The mission of Red Dragon, is to provide a safe, fun and affordable martial arts school which gives both children and adults in our community the opportunity to be involved in a positive family friendly atmosphere where they can learn to improve in mind, body and spirit. 

We teach all our students the best effective self defense skills and show them how to be confident and self-assured while they grow into mature responsible adults. 

Founded in 1965 by American Martial Arts pioneer Shihan sensei Louis D. Casamassa, a 10th degree black belt and creator of Red Dragon Karate. He is also the founder of the American Karate Kung Fu Federation (A.K.K.F).

Shihan Sensei was instrumental in originating mixed martial arts styles and was an early pioneer in bringing the Martial arts as a system to the U.S.  Red Dragon Karate is truly an American original.

See What People JUST LIKE YOU are saying...


"Amazing! They're so attentive to their students in succeeding. The teachers (Sensei's) work hard to teach them what they need to know! My daughter joined only a month ago and it's been an amazing adventure. Her attitude, school work, and overall ambition for what she wants has greatly improved. I know it's because of Red Dragon Karate! I'm so glad I made the decision to enroll her, she's such a happier kid!"


"We love and adore Red Dragon Karate! I can truly say joining has helped my son become more confident, outgoing, goal oriented and understand respect as well as becoming more responsible. He used to be shy and tell me about kids being mean to him and now he is the boy that stands up for himself and his friends! He loves being active and now Red Dragon has even helped me reach my health and fitness goals. I've joined their awesome kickboxing classes. I fell in love with the classes are my first one! Everyone at RDK is friendly, personable and we feel like part of a family!


"This place is amazing the kids have a great time, they learn discipline and respect for each other. The people there are incredible, they always make you feel welcomed. It's the best place for your whole family to stay active and get fit while having a blast!"


"After class the other day, I asked my son, "Who was that boy you were practicing with? He looked nice." MY son said, "Mom, EVERYONE at Red Dragon is nice." Coming from a boy who has endured a lot of bullying in school, this is high praise indeed! All the instructors set the bar high when it comes to respect at RDK, and it shows. It's ironic that my son has found the people much kinder in a place where he's learning to kick and punch. We come to RDK for the people!"

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