4 Amazing Things for November

Number one is our food drive. We've already filled our donation box up twice, in the first week of our food drive, which is great! So please keep bringing in food and remember, when you bring in a canned or boxed food donations each day to a participating Red Dragon Karate studio, we're also going to give you a bonus ticket which is good for our raffle for your chance to win a $100.00 Visa gift card. We are not just giving away one gift card, we're giving away three separate $100.00 Visa gift cards! So just for donating, giving back and giving thanks, which by the way, is part of our character development homework this month at the school you’ll have a chance to win $$$. 

Number two, the RDK Fall classic tournament is November 17. It is our last Red Dragon tournament of the year. When students compete they gain experience that we can't give them at the studio. Tournament competition for the martial arts is like competition in any other sport, we practice during the week, we play our “games” on the weekend. Plus as a bonus when our students compete, whether they win or lose they get the BLACK STRIPE on their belt, because they showed the courage to try. That stripe does also move them up in line because they’ve gained competition experience that other students have not yet gained.

All master Orange belts and higher, have another added benefit of attending the tournament because its a part of their qualification to graduate to their next belt rank in December. The tournament applications and registration forms are available now. You can also easily register online at www.rdktournaments.com Another thing to note is when students attend the tournament, they compete against their own belt level and age group. Our tournaments are a great time and fun for everyone.

Number three, our annual holiday sale is being held on "Black Belt Friday” November 29th. (Yeah, it's a thing)…. from 4:00pm -6:00pm and we convert the entire studio into a shoppers paradise full of everything all our students and their families need on the path to black belt and beyond black belt. Plus, at the holiday sale we offer free gift wrapping, special one day only deals, free food, free drinks and so much more. You do NOT want to miss this event. Current Black belt club and Masters club members get in one hour early and will have the ability to grab some of our incredible doorbuster specials. 

Number four, Purple belt. (yes, Purple belt) we're going “old school” back into the new school. When Red Dragon Karate was originally created, we had Purple belt in our system. There was no Yellow belt or Blue belt, but we did have Purple. Starting in March of 2020, the Purple belt returns. All other belts will still remain the same. The addition of the new belt will make the path to Black belt even smoother for our students and allow them to stay motivated for success. The Purple belt won't take full effect until March of 2020, but you will see it when you look in the holiday Pre-sale books. It's going to be amazing with our new belts coming together with the retro look of RDK.

Thank you for your attention, we look forward to seeing you in class