Legend of the Red Dragon

The legend of the RED DRAGON is a mythical fairy tale found in ancient Chinese folklore. It is about five mentally powerful, physically strong and spiritually dedicated dragons who were charged with guarding and defending a righteous and good people. When an evil threat occurred that the people could not resolve, they would call upon the five special dragons for help. The mightiest of the dragons, who was red in color, was called to come forth and do battle only after every means of defense has been exhausted, including the failed attempts of the green, gold, white and black dragons. The people hoped that the variant efforts of one of the dragons could stave the tide of wickedness, so righteousness and good would again reign throughout their land.

Again and again the circumstances dictated that the RED DRAGON come forth and answer the terrible and destructive challenges of those who would destroy these special people. Each time the RED DRAGON faced fierce adversaries, his thinking, acting and feeling abilities were tested to the limits. But, when the battles were over, the RED DRAGON always stood victorious, undaunted again, and ready to safeguard those who stood for righteousness and good.

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